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7 Reasons Why Flossing Is Important For Your Kids

January 23, 2023
7 Reasons Why Flossing Is Important For Your Kids

The American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends that parents help their children floss their teeth daily once they have two or more teeth that are close together. Parents should continue helping their child floss until the child is old enough to floss safely and thoroughly on their own. Kids can often take responsibility for flossing by age 7 or 8. Why is flossing so important for kids, even though they will lose their baby teeth? Read on for 7 reasons flossing is essential for children.


1. Sets Child Up for Good, Lifelong Oral Health Habits

Young people learn faster than adults according to studies, making it a great time to establish excellent oral hygiene habits such as daily flossing. When kids are taught how and why to floss daily, it can set the stage for good oral health habits in the future.

2. Helps Prevent Sensitive Teeth and Gums

The less children brush and floss, the more sensitive their teeth and gums become. This can make it difficult to get children to adopt healthy oral hygiene routines. After all, kids won’t want to do something that hurts. By contrast,  regular brushing and flossing help the child get used to the routine so they are more likely to engage in healthy habits.

3. Flossing Helps Kids Prevent Cavities

The primary reason kids and adults should floss is to remove plaque. Plaque that builds up on the teeth is responsible for cavities. Regular flossing helps prevent the sticky bacteria (plaque) from penetrating the enamel of the tooth and causing a cavity.

4. Flossing Can Prevent Gum Disease

Flossing, along with other regular pediatric dental care,  can prevent gum disease. Gum disease occurs when plaque builds up beneath the gum line. As the plaque remains on the teeth it can harden, becoming tartar. Tartar irritates and inflames the gum tissue. Daily flossing can reduce plaque buildup.

5. Flossing Helps Prevent Bad Breath

Food particles and residue that remain on the teeth and between the teeth contribute to bad breath. When your child flosses regularly,  these particles are removed and less likely to contribute to bad breath. 

6. Flossing May Save Money on Costly Dental Treatments

Plaque on the teeth can cause a host of oral health problems, ranging from cavities to gum disease, and even tooth loss. When kids floss daily, they are at reduced risk of developing complex dental problems that may require more expensive dental care.  

7. Flossing Promotes Good Overall Health

There is a clear link between poor oral health and poor overall health. To ensure your child has the best opportunity for sustaining good overall health as they age, they must learn the vital role that flossing plays in maintaining a healthy mouth and smile.


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