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How to Choose the Best Pediatric Dentist in Texas

January 31, 2024
How to Choose the Best

Are you looking for a dentist for your kids? Whether it's time for your baby’s first dental visit, you’re new to the area, or you simply need a change, it can be difficult to find a pediatric dental practice that meets all of your criteria. 

If you need to choose a pediatric dentist in the Houston, Texas area, here are some things to look for that all great dental practices have in common. 


Look for a pediatric dentist with plenty of experience. You want your child to be in capable hands, and a dentist who has been working with children for many years will be able to provide the best care for your child. Children have specific dental needs that differ from those of adults, and an experienced pediatric dentist knows how to meet those needs. They know what to look for and can quickly identify problems that may need to be addressed. 


A pediatric dentist should have certain qualifications, such as a dental degree and license. When a dentist specializes in pediatric dentistry, they should have completed a residency or training program that involved working with children. Make sure that any dentist you are considering has the necessary qualifications to legally provide pediatric dental services. 

Kid Friendly

Look for a dental practice that is kid friendly with a warm and inviting atmosphere to put kids at ease. A pediatric dental practice should be fun and relaxed, making dental care enjoyable for children of all ages. The dentists and dental team should all know how to work with children and teens and how to talk to them so that they feel comfortable. 


Children need compassion and understanding, especially if they feel anxious or afraid. Early experiences at the dentist will set the tone for their lifelong view of dental care. When a child feels safe and cared for, they will develop a positive association with dentistry that can lead to a lifetime of dental health. 


Look for a pediatric dental practice with up to date technology. Advanced technology provides improved diagnostics and a higher level of care and comfort for children. Early detection of dental and oral health concerns result in better outcomes. Technology also makes procedures less invasive for faster recovery. 

Emergency Services 

Dental emergencies can occur when you least expect them. Choose a pediatric dental practice that offers emergency services after hours and on weekends. Emergencies can be frightening and stressful, but familiar surroundings and faces are reassuring to you and your child. 

Special Needs Training 

If you have a child with special needs, choose a dental practice that has dentists and staff that have the necessary training and experience. Not all pediatric dental practices are prepared to meet the diverse needs of children and teens, so choose carefully. 

Why Choose Kids & Teens Dental Place? 

Kids & Teens Dental Place meets all of the above criteria and more. If you’re looking for a dentist for your child(ren), we welcome you to our practice. Our highly qualified dentists have more than 15 years of experience in pediatric dentistry. Our office is kid friendly and equipped with the latest technology to deliver the best dental care. We have extensive training and experience working with children and teens with a wide range of diverse needs. 

To learn more, contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry 

How often should kids and teens go to the dentist?

Routine dental cleanings and oral exams should take place every 6 months for optimal oral health. This is the ideal schedule for removing plaque that builds up on the teeth and for early detection of oral health concerns. 

When should my child have their first dental visit?

Children should have their first dental appointment around the age of one. By their first birthday most children have a few teeth in place that should be examined and cleaned. If your child is older than one and has not yet been to the dentist, it is never too late to start. Schedule an appointment today.

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